John 4:35  - "Do you not say 'Four more months and then the harvest?'
I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe unto harvest."

Upcoming Events

Wed Jul 23 @ 6:30PM - 08:00PM
Wednesday PM Service
Sun Jul 27 @12:00AM
Sun Jul 27 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
Sunday AM Worship Service
Mon Jul 28 @12:00AM
Mon Jul 28 @ 6:30PM - 08:00PM
Healing School & Prayer


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Campmeeting!! This years Campmeeting will be from July 27-31. 

Services will be at 10am and 6:30pm with 1:00pm PrayCindy WeberJeff Webnerer. 

Rev. Jeff & Cindy Weber,

Rev. Phillip Slaughter,

Cathy CreekPhillip

Rev. Cathy & James Creek

And Pastor Gary and Shelli Sisk






will all be back for a week of blessed revival meetings! Find a way to be here, you WILL be blessed!






Our music is contemporary. Some wear blue jeans and sandals...some dress up. It's never really been an issue with us...what matters is that we believe eternal life is found in Jesus Christ. We know we are forgiven and try our best to walk in Love.

We still believe in miracles. We still believe in prayer. We still believe in healing and all of the rest of God's promises found in the Bible. We also believe in a real Heaven and Hell...and that God exists as a trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.PastorGary

Sometimes we raise our hands in worship and sometimes we clap or shout. We still believe the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today and that Jesus Christ is coming back again...maybe soon!

Everybody has some sort of "past", so we try our best not to judge others on where they've been so far in life. What we're working on now, though, is a better future for as many as we can help...and we try to help each other as a "church family". If you have questions or are searching for something more in your life...check us out.

God is for real...He loves you!